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Saturday Programs

First Impressions: Making Your Initial Meeting Count

Terrie Hayward

Have you ever heard the saying that first impressions are lasting? This holds true for dogs as well. As such, we only have one opportunity to make that first impression a positive one. There are many strategies that we can employ in order to make your first meeting a good one. Join Terrie Hayward of PAW-Positive Animal Wellness to talk more about techniques and tips to establish that first meeting as the best that it can be and to set you, the dog, and the family up for success and a long, lasting grooming relationship!

It’s All About The Teeth

Dr. Dana Koch

Periodontal disease can cause serious issues for our pets including heart and kidney diseases. This program will focus on the importance of dental health in our pets and the role groomers can play in educating pet owners. Learning how to closely evaluate the oral cavities of our favorite furry friends can help us to recognize periodontal disease and other potential dental issues. This knowledge can contribute to increase revenue for your grooming practice.

Creative For Fun Or Competition

Cindy Oliver & Adriane Pope

Come join Adriane and Cindy for a fun filled hour about creative grooming! They will cover everything from simple creative grooming that can be done in your own salon to the extreme creative that you see them do on a competition level. So, if you’re just dipping your toes into creative, thinking about competing, or anything in between - you won’t want to miss this class!

Before Grooming A Cat

Lynn Paolillo

A successful cat groomer is a problem solver. Every cat grooming appointment must be tweaked in order to ensure a safe and low-stress experience. In this seminar, NCGIA Instructor Lynn will walk you through the initial client interview, what questions to ask, what to do about red flags, and how to adapt the grooming process before you have even taken the cat out of the carrier.

Marketing 102

Cheryl Purcell

Marketing is often something that we don't think about as groomers. Or worse, we think because we have an ad in the phone book (yes, people still use them) or have a web presence that's all we need. Not true. Cheryl will help you answer these questions and show you how to increase clients.

What is Successful Marketing? How Much Should You Spend on Advertising? As well as define the 3 Common Mistakes in Marketing and how you can market for FREE!

Time Saving Snap-On Combs

Jay Scruggs

Getting a smooth finish can be achieved with Snap-on combs and thinning shears, and Jay will show you how! He will discuss coat textures, applications and techniques that will save minutes off every groom, as well as balance, blending, softening and finishing of pet trims that will put your grooming over the top!

Putting Personality In Shih Tzu And Mixed Breed Heads

Sue Watson

Do you have problems getting that right look on the little characters you are working on? If so, Sue will show you some different ways to capture the best look for the dog you are having difficulty with. “Sometimes when you see the same dogs all the time you tend to put the same face on all of them, but they are all different and should look that way,” says Sue. Come see if you can learn something new or even add suggestions to others.

Handling Bad Reviews With A Winning Attitude

Khris Berry

Every business eventually faces the dreaded bad review. Handling bad reviews with class and style is an art - and this seminar will teach you how to navigate the treacherous waters of Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. You will learn how to craft appropriate responses; emotional, non-emotional, factual, humorous, and many more. Your public response (or lack thereof) to your reviews can be a powerful tool in traversing social media and maintaining your reputation. Learn to respond with passion and confidence and represent your business in a professional manner.

Groomer’s Health: Prevention & Well Being

Linda Easton & Dr. Jim Warner

Hand and wrist carpal tunnel, back pain and fatigue limit too many groomers’ production. If you want to understand why this happens, learn to prevent it, and what you can do to feel better, this class is for you. We will discuss how scissor fit and use affects your hand, fatigue and carpal tunnel problems.

“Me Too” Grooming Shop: Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Dr. Cliff Faver & Suzanne Marchetti

If your grooming salon is just like everyone else, why would people come to you? Let’s look into niche marketing and talk about how you can beat the competition in your area. Find new ways to work smarter, not harder to increase your income!

Pet Westie

Janice Fehn

Join Janice for this pet Westie demo to learn correct profile, length and how to achieve that perfect look. Also learn how to retain some wire texture in your pet trims and also some tricks to get that head and tail shape correct.

Fear Recovery: Learning To Trust The Brush Again

Michelle Knowles

Many of the pets we groom are rescues that come with an uncertain history, a huge mistrust in strangers, or fear of grooming in general. This class discusses the different methods and techniques for helping pets gain trust in the grooming process.

Mobile Grooming Tips And Tricks

Angela Kumpe

Angela will share advice, tips and tricks on many topics of Mobile Grooming. These bits of information can help you while you build a successful mobile grooming business. Some of these topics include scheduling, increasing tips, invoicing, price increases, setting rules and sticking to them, marketing, cancelations, add on services, latch key services, and much more.

Super Styling The Bichon Frise

Sue Zecco

Getting the proper breed profile and balance in some dogs is more difficult than in others. The Bichon Frise can fall into the latter category, unless you're equipped with the knowledge and skills incorporated by Sue. You'll learn how to use snap-on combs to establish breed profile and balance in half the time you'd otherwise have to spend. Using these scissor and thinning shear techniques, you'll create the perfect Bichon head, and achieve the beautiful Bichon expression.

Know Your Breeds

Dr. Dana Koch

Not every breed of dog is created equal and it is important to know specific characteristics of various breeds to help better serve your clients. Learn about various medical conditions that can affect the dogs you with work and gain advanced knowledge to further impress your clientele.

Everyday Salon Creative

Angela Kumpe & Lori Craig

Learn easy, simple and profitable creative grooming that you can do in your shop. Angela Kumpe and Lori Craig will teach you everything from temporary colors to accessories. You will leave this class with the inspiration and knowledge to get started in creative dog grooming.

We Know Mobile

Cindy Oliver & Adriane Pope

Come join Adriane and Cindy for a fun, informative hour about mobile grooming! See how their mobile businesses, combined of 36 years, have been successful and how yours can be too! Listen to tips, experiences, funny stories, and more. If you’re just getting into mobile grooming or are a seasoned mobile groomer, this class is for you!

Corrective Grooming & Creating Structure

Irina Pinkusevich

How does structure affect your pet grooms? In this seminar, Pina will teach you how to make the pet styles that leave your salon "different". You will learn how to correct defective structure and create structure where it is lacking to make a marked & notable improvement in the look of your grooms.

Salon Trims For the Everyday Groomer

Cheryl Purcell

Somewhere between a show trim and a shave down is what we do every day. We all want to be creative and do those big beautiful trims on clients’ pets, but it’s not always practical. Cheryl will review how to determine what is an appropriate trim for each pet, what is a good maintenance length for the client and pet, and discuss the infamous Puppy Cut and what it means to clients. There will be before and after photos and live demos.

Understanding Coat Damage, De-Matting, De-Tangling & De-Shedding

Dave Campanella

The most strenuous and time-consuming physical activities groomers struggle with on a daily basis are de-shedding, de-matting, and de-tangling. Many opinions, techniques, tools, and formulas attempt to help tackle these tough challenges, but do you really understand what’s going on from the hair’s perspective to select the most effective approach? You will review demo video and images viewed with an electron microscope of hair samples taken of mats, tangles, and undercoat from several common coat types. You will learn how to safely release more shedding and undercoat with little to no pre-brushing, minimizing your effort, reducing stress, and avoiding muscle strain and even injury to you and your client dogs. Ultimately you will learn to earn more “making masterpieces out of nightmares in record time!”

Utilizing Technology For Your Business

Brett Wilson

Today’s society is changing. Client cards are a thing of the past, and marketing techniques have gotten streamlined with the use of technology. Join Brett as he discusses the ways you can implement technology into your grooming business and make your life less complicated and record keeping seamless.

Caring For The Elderly Pet: Grooming In The Twilight Years

Michelle Knowles

Elderly pets have special needs. Changes that come with age need special handling techniques and treatments for skin issues. This seminar discusses the things we can do to make the elderly pet more comfortable in their skin and with the grooming experience.

Working With The NO-NO Bad Dogs!

Lisa Leady

Working with no-no bad dogs can be a stressful feat, not only for the dog, but for the groomer as well. Sending a dog home unfinished isn't the answer. If you want to learn how to groom this type of dog, this is the seminar you don't want to miss. Lisa will teach you techniques on how to get through a no-no bad dog.

Bleeding Injuries For Groomers

Mary Oquendo

We work with live animals. They zig, we zag and the next thing we know, blood is flowing. This workshop will cover how to stop most bleeding injuries along with what products to do use. It will include a demo on wrapping an ear and paw injury.

Hairless To Hair-Free, Deshedding For Cats

Lynn Paolillo

The biggest complaint you'll hear from cat owners is - they shed so much! Join NCGIA Instructor Lynn Paolillo to discuss selecting the right tools and techniques for de-shedding cats thoroughly and safely. Increase customer satisfaction and your bottom line with this popular add-on service! This lecture includes a live demonstration.

Mutt Makeover

Colin Taylor

Even Mutts need a bit of flair! Are you getting bored thinking every haircut is the same? This isn't really such a bad thing as it teaching you to be consistent, however, you can still be this way and still add flair. Colin will show you how to give mutts flair and also the importance of still giving them balance.

Employees: Engaged Vs Motivated

Brett Wilson

On the fence about hiring? Struggling to find great staff, or how to get more from your staff? Employees are the lifeblood of any industry and they are critical in getting the job done in our serviced based business. Whether you have 0 or 100 employees, this class is for you. Learn about when to hire, when to fire, and benefits. This business management class is geared towards owners and will have plenty of time for specific employee related questions.

What You Don’t Know Could Cost You

Barb Hoover

Confused about your employment status? Not sure how to classify the groomers in your salon? The IRS has been watching small businesses closely and cracking down on misclassified workers. In this seminar, Barb will explain the types of workers, their responsibilities and help you to be in compliance as a groomer or a salon owner.