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Amina from Virgina

I've been attending Groom Expo for something like 17 years. This is a show I won't miss. I reunite with old friends, and always meet new friends. I know most, if not all of the vendors, and have seen a lot of their children grow up.

It has always been an educational tool that I strongly promote to groomers. If I could make one small suggestion...? Can we make it a five day event so I can see it all!!!?

Brian from New York

Shortly after Dawn posted the story below, our dear friend Missy past away. We would like to thank all of those that attended this year's internet social and participated in the raffles. The proceeds of which were given the Missy's family. A tribute video to Missy is available for viewing at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOqP3gNJXo8

Dawn from Georgia

7 years ago i had this idea to bring all the groomers together for a mingle the night before the show starts. Many of us were friends on line but had no idea what each other looked like and to many times we would never have a face to face at the show only to discover later on line that we were face to face many times but did not know it. I asked Sally about it thinking someone would organize this "Thursday night Internet Social" when Sally said "good idea go for it" At this point I had not so much as ever planned a birthday party much less something like this! So I got busy with the help of my Internet buddy Candy contacting companies for sponsorship and donations, With the help of Deena, Lisa and Missy, We also held a raffle to help cover the expenses.

Last year I was not able to attend but still managed the social long distance while my great friend Lisa Carrol along with my sisters from CATS took care of things on the home front, Last year we cut expenses by cutting out most of the snacks and only serving shortbread cookies with a pink cancer ribbon on them and then Lisa handed ALL the money collected directly to our dear friend Missy Arnold who had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer to help her family with expenses. Today a year later Missy is in the hospital near the end of her days and her family and friends are suffering along with her. She is leaving behind a husband and 8 year old daughter who are in not only a bad mental state from this devastating disease but also is leaving them financially depleted as well, the mortgage needs to be paid and there is no money left to even take care of Missy's final expenses.

I would like again this year to help take care of our friend and fellow groomer by donating everything to the family of Missy Arnold.

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