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Sunday Programs

Answering Common Pet Nutrition Questions

Dr. Callie Harris

Pet owners are faced with a multitude of options for feeding their pet and often turn to the people they trust the most for advice. Along with the veterinarian and the veterinary support staff, groomers are asked to offer their opinion on what owners should feed their pet. With so much information available to the pet owner about pet nutrition, it can be a daunting task to help the owner evaluate this information for accuracy and determine what information is pertinent to the individual pet. Though it should always be advised that your client refer to their veterinarian with their medical and nutritional concerns, this lecture will provide resources to help you educate pet owners regarding information on the internet and other sources.

For The Shear Joy Of It

Dara Forleo

Seeing that pretty dog that just left your shop, clean and neat, is such a great feeling. Do you care for your shears and blades like you care for the pet? This seminar focuses on the “dos and don’ts” and “ins and outs” of shear and blade maintenance. Your hands, thumb and wrist will thank you.

The Timeless Spiral Trim

Dawm Omboy

The Spiral trim was first done in 1981 at the Atlanta Pet Fair. Learn more about the beginning of this timeless classic that was the basis of Creative Styling as we know it today. The Spiral has continued to delight groomers to this very day and has been beautifully executed by many over the years. Dawn will show you how to set the pattern in a live demo and top it off with a bit of Airbrushing instruction. Included is a history of how it all began, thanks to the Godfather of Creative Styling, Jerry Schinberg.

The Revolutionary Groomer

Sarah Ottinger

In this in-depth seminar, Sarah will teach healthy and effective techniques to uplift the attitude, decrease stress and exhaustion, attack negativity, increase energy, and create a positive and thriving salon work environment that will maximize profit and success. This class is designed to put you on top of your game and bring out the best salon in town. Attitude is everything. Learn about the five senses, how they affect our attitude and how to positively influence these senses by creating a happier, healthier lifestyle while on the clock. Some of the exciting topics Sarah will discuss are energy /metabolism boosting snacks/meals, the diffuser and effective oils, salon design and order, quick and easy workouts, building confidence, tips and so much more!
You won't want to miss this revitalizing class. Become the BEST YOU and build the BEST SALON.

Your Grooming Shop: Own Or Rent?

Nancy Ward

Rent? Purchase with an option to buy? Buy? What's a body to do? When should you be content to rent? Does my lease protect me or the owner? When is it right to buy? What kind of facility do I look for? What about location, strip mall or stand alone? HELP!!! Let's explore all the options and avenues available for grooming, lodging retail, or daycare facilities. Bring your questions and let's get to work on finding the right solution for you.

Olga’s Grooming Time Savers

Olga Zabelinskaya

Olga will discuss how to save time during washing, brushing, dematting, and styling dogs. She will discuss planning the right schedule and using proper tools to help make the grooming process easier. You will enjoy Olga’s unique direct style and her “New Jersey accent” - as she puts it - honed from her homeland in Russia. You will appreciate her hard work ethic and her winning style as one of the top competitors in the world.

Superstyling The Pomeranian

Sue Zecco

Are you having a difficult time trying to get a smooth finish on your dogs without spending a lot of extra time? Sue will demonstrate proper body positioning to get the best control of your shears. Choosing a shear that best fits your hand is key to balancing a shear for smooth scissor work. While grooming a Pom, Sue will show you simple tips and tricks to help improve the quality of the finish on all breeds. She will also demonstrate how to eliminate that bounce in your shear. Blade type, handle, sizes, and quality of steel will be discussed. Whether you are a beginner or expert, this seminar will benefit you.

Designer Breed Tips

Linda Easton

Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are gaining in popularity and come in all sizes and coat types. Many pet owners now own mixed breeds. Explore the options to keep these wonderful dogs looking natural yet manageable. Join Linda for grooming tips to make working on large dogs easier, even if they have longer hair, and tips for keeping these designer breeds short and cute without shaving them.

Grooming Salons: A Petri Dish For Disease

Dr. Cliff Faver

Ever wonder what “beasties” are lurking around your grooming salon? What about the risks to the pets, to you, or your family? What you don’t know can hurt you! We will also address some of the myths/misconceptions from a scientific approach of some of the disease processes we commonly are exposed to. You will learn some of the common hazards you are faced with and common-sense ways to minimize your exposure to them.

Mobile Grooming Safety

Mary Oquendo

Mobile groomers face unique safety challenges that our sister groomers do not. Being aware of what mobile groomers face, we can meet those situations head on. Mary will break down this workshop into 3 categories: our vehicles, work areas, and personal safety.

Grooming The Big Dogs: Airedale Terrier

Jay Scruggs

The Airedale Terrier -- the largest of the terrier group -- is commonly called the "King of Terriers", and should be groomed as such. The Airedale is a hand stripped breed by breed standards, but Jay will show you how to maintain the correct profile in pet trim using clippers. Hand stripping and carding also will be demonstrated to satisfy those owners who want the "natural" look. You'll learn techniques and short cuts, scissor and thinning shear techniques, and time saving tips on how to achieve a quick and stylish pet trim.

Adding Self-Service To Your Salon

Corina Stammworthy & Macie Pisa

This new salon trend can be an easy moneymaker when done right! Corina and Macie will cover build-out, products and equipment, and how to convert self-service customers into lifelong grooming clients. Learn how to design and grow the self-service side of your business so that it’s working for you!

How To Not Get Bit!

Scott Wasserman

This seminar explains the “hows” and “whys” a dog may bite. It covers everything from puppy development, noise sensitivity, handling puppies, geriatric dogs and special needs pets.

Effectively Selling Add-Ons

Brett Wilson

Tired of adding more dogs each and every day to your schedule to make ends meet? Have you raised prices as much as possible for your area but want more? We have all been there. Join Brett as he discusses creating add-ons that truly work and sell, as well as creating Spa Packages your customers will go crazy for. You will be amazed at how much revenue you can generate by doing very little additional work! Who doesn’t love that?

Do You Have A Business Plan?

Mary Oquendo

A written business plan is more than a means to raise funds for your venture. It is your business’s blueprint. Everything you need to know, right at your fingertips. A business plan is an invaluable tool to propel your business ever onwards and upward. Learn how to put together a business plan for your own business, whether you are established or just starting out.

Working To Live Or Living To Work

Barb Hoover

Balance; it can be hard to find when it comes to work, family and pets. We are often pulled in so many directions trying to please our clients and take care of our families that we don't take care of ourselves. Do you eat lunch on the run, if even at all? Do you work even when sick or injured? Are you so exhausted after a holiday rush that you can't enjoy the holiday with your family and friends? At the end of the day are you too tired to even groom your own dogs or sit down to dinner with your kids? Barb will share tips on creating a balance with time saving tricks to give you more free time and self-care plans to make you feel and work your best.

The Stages Of Hand Stripping

Jared Lane

In this new exciting demonstration, Jared will share his secrets to successfully hand stripping terriers. He will discuss the different stages of hand-stripping and the details of each process. Jared will share the products he uses along with his techniques such as stripping, carding and rolling. Jared will explain the differences between blown coat, show coat or prime coat, in addition to showing you how to tackle the coat with the right tools.

Keeping Style In A Short Clip On Drop Coats

Lisa Leady

“I don’t like dogs that look like they are standing on sticks, just because the owner wants the pet short,” says Lisa Leady, a top competitive groomer and Groomer Has It Star. “Groomers need to show some style and ability, even on a pet groom. Styling is becoming a lost art, and I want to show groomers that you can still give a pet a short trim while maintaining a great look, appeal and showing some skill.” Drop Coats can be trimmed so many ways so let Lisa get you out of your rut and into some stylish trims.

Handling Techniques For Cat Grooming

Lynn Paolillo

Working with cats is completely different from dog grooming. Learn about working with a cat's temperament, body style, anatomy, and behaviors in order to choose the appropriate handling techniques and grooming services for each cat. This seminar includes a live demonstration.

Whose Got Your Back When Reactions, Outbreaks And Injuries Happen?

Dave Campanella

Salon injuries and accidents happen. It’s not a matter of “If” something goes wrong, but when, how often or how severe. Confidently assess what has happened, know what to do next and stop repeat occurrences. Dave presents simple methods, facts and resources to face and resolve challenges professionally. Dealing with Clients, Product Manufacturers and Veterinarians can often be more challenging than what actually happened. Know what to say to clients, what to ask when reaching out to manufacturers, and how to score points with Veterinarians. No one gets thrown under the bus ever again.