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Friday Programs

Asian Fusion Inspired Pet Trims

Jess Rona

Join Jess as she shows you how to create an adorable Asian-inspired pet trim on a mixed breed in this live demo. Jess will share how her gentle grooming approach keeps her clients happy and their owners coming back to her. She will discuss how she decides to create the right style for the dog’s personality and achieve a cute trim using her scissors and snap-on combs. If you have never tried Asian-inspired trims or you’re just getting started, you won’t want to miss this one!

Difficult Dog Days with Tammy

Tammy Siert

Have you ever felt stressed the minute you see a particular dog on your schedule? Is this dog difficult? Is the client difficult? Tammy will give you tips for dealing with these difficult dogs and client. Learn how this can actually help your bottom line by advertising that your experienced in handling dogs that require special needs. Whether it’s a dog that bites and hates grooming or an old dog that can’t stand. Tammy will help you understand the signs that dogs give and techniques to help make their experience the best one yet.

Groomer’s Business Summit: Starting Right and Staying on Track

Teri DiMarino

Let’s face it, do we ever really know everything there is about running a business? There is always room for input, and this four-session summit will help answer some of the questions you may have about your business. From opening the doors, finding clients, hiring employees, record keeping, payroll and pricing, it is a daunting task just to keep your head above water and make a profit.

Part 1) Building the Ideal Grooming Salon:

This slide presentation will take you from the floor to the ceiling and wall to wall in the construction of a new, state of the art grooming salon that maximizes space and profits. Highlights will include the fine art of setting up a big salon in a small area by using labor-saving equipment, effective storage and “vertical square footage”. High visibility grooming and client comfort will be addressed, as well as some hidden aspects of salon ownership, such as seeking locations, leases, landlords and advertising.

Part 2) The Paper Chase:

Hiring and firing employees is never easy and governmental regulations require a business owner to do a lot more to keep things on the straight and narrow with the labor boards and your employees. Teri will go through some of the fine detail on the paperwork that is necessary in your business to keep you in compliance and avoid problems down the road.

Part 3) Pricing, Percentages and Profits:

Teri will share her business savvy and expertise on running a lucrative salon. ”What do I need to consider before setting my prices?” “How do I raise my prices” “What are my margins?” “Am I making a profit?” Why are my employees making more than me?” These, and a lot more questions, will be answered to help keep your salon productive and profitable. Payroll options will also be a topic of conversation in this seminar.

Part 4) Are you an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

This has been an ongoing dilemma in the pet grooming industry for years. In an effort to avoid excessive taxation, some groomers, or employers, resort to some pretty creative employment policies. While they may solve issues in the beginning, alternative tactics can really become a huge can of worms for everybody. Teri will spell out the pros and cons, and also address the most common questions about the differences between paying commission, hourly or salary, and try to shed some light on this controversial area. This class is sure to be an eye opener on all fronts.

Angela’s Guide to Handling Dogs

Angela Kumpe

If you can keep a dog calm and happy while getting his first mohawk or bling accessory, you can probably handle most dogs. Angela Kumpe will share what she has learned from years of experience handling all temperaments of dogs in all types of situations. She will focus on showing you how to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

Asian Fusion Terrier Style

Shannon Tupes


Practical & Stylish Asian Fusion

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer will demonstrate one of her favorite trims, Asian style. She will share her secrets to make this adorable trim practical yet stylish. She will walk through the entire trim with her favorite tools to get the job done in no time.

Handling Behavior Problems

Chrissy Neumyer Smith

In this seminar, Chrissy will cover how to help dogs learn to behave for the grooming process. How does understanding behavior help us? How can we prevent one behavior and build another? How much of this is done during grooming? All of this will be covered in this information-packed seminar!

Friday Evening

The Art of Hand Stripping

Ashley Julien

Hour 1) Ashley will go over what tools there are to help the process of stripping, as well as assessment of coat needs and the first steps of preparing to hand strip a dog. During your time in this class, Ashley will cover at what age you can start stripping your puppy, the benefits of hand stripping, and what rolling a coat is. Ashley will also go over various breeds that benefit from hand stripping.

Hour 2) Ashley will go over the actual process of hand stripping and how to set a pattern. She will cover specific breed characteristics within the coat and will then further discuss rolling a coat as well as carding. Ashley will also go over topics like signs of hand stripping gone wrong, when and how to use shears to mimic hand stripping, different approaches to shaping heads and furnishings, and how hormones affect the coat and ways to work through it.

Poodle Sporting Clips: Stylish and Quick!

Julie Pantages

In this seminar, Julie will do a complete Pet Sporting clip utilizing snap-on combs to set the pattern and lengths. Julie will show you how to add style and flair to your everyday shop "pet" Poodle. Can you have short with style? “Yes” says this GroomOlympian! Julie will go over the little extras in grooming a Poodle that will set your grooming apart from the other groomers in town. From start to finish, a Poodle Pet Sporting Clip is shown to you in this informative live demonstration.

What Have You Done For Me Lately: Customer Service Is Back!

Cheryl Purcell

Our industry revolves around customer service. Clients aren't just happy with good grooming nowadays—they want that something extra! Cheryl will discuss how to offer them the things they want, and how to bring customer service to the forefront of your business. The little things you can do to make clients feel appreciated often go neglected in our business. Prior to becoming a groomer, Cheryl worked in both the restaurant and retail business world where customer service is number one. Cheryl has owned her own business for over 20 years and her shop has received the Best of Award for Favorite Pet Place in her region—the only grooming shop ever to receive this honor. She will help you make your shop stand out as well!