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Sunday Programs

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Groomers Make When Grooming Cats (and How Not to Make Them!)

Danelle German

After decades of teaching others how to safely and quickly groom cats to a fabulous finish, Danelle has witnessed many of the same mistakes being made over and over again. These mistakes often lead to dangerous situations, incomplete grooms, unsatisfactory results, and other undesirable outcomes. And each of these mistakes is completely avoidable! During this seminar you will discover what the most common mistakes are that are made by groomers and, more importantly, how to avoid each of them.

Let’s Groom the Schnauzer

Diane Betelak

The Schnauzer is one of the most popular of the terrier breeds. Knowing just how to apply lines to the signature pet is something that Diane knows very well. Diane will show you how to use clipper and blades to get a beautiful natural finish that looks almost hand-stripped. Your clients will love it.

Abstract Creative Runway: From Clippers to Catwalk

Kelly Knight

With all of her wins, and being the first abstract creative groomer to make the cover of Groomer to Groomer, Kelly Knight has become the belle of creative runway competitions. Kelly will demonstrate the entire process, from concept to completion. She will explain how she finds and what she looks for in a design. Then how she puts in that design. She explains and answers questions about everything from how she finds her attire and dresses, to questions about runway and grooming. This class is great for anyone wanting to add this unique niche to their salon offerings. It’s a must for anyone thinking about competing in an abstract creative runway competition.

Thinning Shears... the Wow Factor!

Jodi Murphy

You're trims just are not quite finished unless you pulled out your thinning shears. If you hesitate to use thinning shears or you just don't seem comfortable with them then this demonstration by world renown, National Certified Master Groomer, Jodi Murphy, is a must see. Jodi will help take the confusion out of thinning shears by explaining the teeth configuration. She will demonstrate her award-winning techniques that will transform your trims from nice to fabulous!

How to Establish Grooming Prices for Your Salon

Melissa Verplank

Setting your grooming prices can be a challenge. How do you know if you are charging enough or giving your services away? How do you create a consistent pricing system? In this lesson, Melissa will cover many of her long-time pricing methods. But she’ll also dig in deeper, helping you look at YOUR situation. Bring a calculator and a pencil to this talk! She will guide you through those mysterious areas and assist you in setting prices that are right for YOUR situation.

Harmony in the Grooming Shop

Mary Oquendo

Over stimulation of pets in a grooming shop can turn even the nicest of pets into Cujo. Mary will answer the common question of ‘What can grooming shops do to easily reduce the stimuli to minimize the effects of normal day-to-day operations?’ The benefits of this workshop will not only augment the well-being of the pets in your care, but will extend to the groomers as well!

Faster, Better, Lower Cost Baths with Shampoo Dispensing Systems

Dan Williams

All the way from the simplest to most complicated systems, each of the primary types of shampoo dispensing systems will be reviewed with respect to “Pros and Cons”. This includes gallon hand pump, 32oz mixing bottle, open tub sump pump, compressed air tank, venturi type gallon draw, and diaphragm pump reservoir type systems. Each of these systems offers unique benefits that relate to a faster, better, lower cost bath. Maintenance and care for each type of system will be discussed. This presentation helps shop owners finalize their shampoo dispensing system decision and also enables pet groomers to have the confidence to dig deeper into the shampoo system that they are considering recommending or investing in.

Say This, Not That

Khris Berry

Ever wonder what you could have or should have said in common pet grooming situations? This is a comical (and occasionally serious) approach to real life salon situations. Grab a notebook and leave equipped with responses to comments such as "I don't want my dog to look like...", "He's a rescue", "I don't like this haircut", "But they are cheaper down the street", "I need a discount because I have 4 dogs", and so many more. This fast paced and action-packed hour promises to entertain and enlighten you!

Reducing Stress in Grooming: Tools of the Trade

Terrie Hayward

In this session, we’ll be talking about tools of the trade and just how we can go about helping animals to feel more comfortable with clippers, the groomers helper, and the dryer. We will discuss the concept of splitting vs lumping behavior and talk about why it matters so much!

Contest Ring Tips for the Salon

Nadia Bongelli

Learn tips and tricks from the grooming contest ring that you can apply in the salon. Impress your clients with these techniques that are practical for our day to day grooming that will bring out the best in every pet! It’s not just a “puppy cut’ anymore!

Groomer Health and Safety

Kelly Muniz

As groomers, we look after the pets we groom with the utmost care. But do you look after yourself with that same care? In this seminar you will learn ways to protect your health and prolong your grooming career. Kelly will discuss the health concerns involved with grooming and the steps you can take to keep yourself safe and healthy. This course will go over a multitude of topics regarding health and safety in the salon atmosphere, including: Associated Health Risks, Eye Protection, Ear Protection, and Respiratory Protection.

Bichon Profiles Made Easy

Shannon Moore

Join Shannon for a quick and easy approach to setting a correct pattern on a Bichon. Whether it’s a show trim or a pet trim, keep your Bichons looking the way they are supposed to!

Mobile Grooming Routing and Scheduling Simplified

Gina Sutton & Patsy Tallant

This is a comprehensive seminar to show you how to define a service area that produces an excellent profit. Learn effective routing techniques to reduce your travel time and gain more clients in your service areas. Patsy and Gina will show you effective scheduling techniques to improve your bottom line, reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Learn how to eliminate cancellations, no shows and the people who always try to reschedule. This informative seminar will amaze you with simple techniques that actually work to improve your client relationship, reduce your stress and double your income!

Long Legged Terrier

Chris Pawlosky

Let’s compare similarities of the Long Legged Terrier. Each of these dogs are similar in head and body structure, they are just thicker or thinner, wider or narrower, taller or shorter. Chris will show you some short cuts to create the ideal image. She will be demonstrating hand stripping, breed profiles, carding, tools and products, all to satisfy your customers.

So, You Want to Teach

Dara Forleo

Laws vary state by state, but post-secondary career schools must be licensed to comply with federal regulations. This is a crash course in how to get licensed in your state properly, how to write curriculum, addressing tuition, making sure you are in compliance with state and federal regulations for certificate and diploma training.

Difficult Dogs: Exploring the Reasons Why

Barb Hoover

Fido is great for all parts of the grooming routine except for his nails. Fluffy throws a fit getting her face washed. Benji will not stand up. Sound familiar? Barb explores the reasons why and what can be done to make grooming a more cooperative effort and ways to work a dog through his issues for a better grooming experience.

Reducing Stress in Grooming: The Human Half

Terrie Hayward

During the last part, we will talk about why language matters and how it can help to work with people. We’ll move from feeling fatigued to mutually motivated and Terrie will show you how some additional understanding and knowledge about working with people can produce calmer, more productive interactions.

Client Forms and Waivers for Your Salon

Mary Oquendo

The health of your grooming business depends on enforced policies and procedures. This seminar will cover the needed waivers and forms including; veterinarian, CPR, matt, and senior pet releases, needed client information, Terms of service, flea and tick policy, and emergency guardianship.

Techniques of a Scissor Wizard

Julie Pantages

In this seminar, Julie will go over tips and tricks that will help you get that perfect velvet finish that you see in the contest ring. She will start with the basics of proper prep work and then work on scissoring techniques that will give you a beautiful finish even on softer coats.