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Sunday Programs

Cat Grooming Handling Techniques You Can’t Live Without

Danelle German

Do you ever feel like you are wrestling with a cat rather than actually grooming it? Join Danelle for this seminar to see handling techniques that should be in every cat groomer’s repertoire. Using these techniques will make cat grooming safer and easier. And you’ll be able to groom every cat by yourself!

Basics of Bichon Grooming

Elizabeth Gibbs

In this hour with Elizabeth, you will learn how to groom a salon-style Bichon trim and more! Learn quick tips on prepping, tools and how to make this trim manageable for your clients.

What Would Colin Do?

Colin Taylor

Americans seem to love when British people yell and scream at us when pointing out all of the things we should be doing better. With Colin, we get all the benefits of his great knowledge (and accent), without all of hysterics. This is your chance to get up close and personal with the author of the book ‘What Would Colin Do?’ Do you feel that what you are doing is not good enough? Do you feel that you have many questions that just are not getting answered? Or do you simply lack confidence? With close to 30 years in the grooming industry, Colin will allow you to leave this seminar feeling better about what you are achieving at the present time in your chosen passion. Oh, and Colin promises that any tears shed in the seminar will be tears of joy.

What in the Social Media is Going On?

Jessica Adorno

In this seminar, Jessica will guide new and seasoned groomers through understanding how social media works and how to utilize social media to serve yourself and/or your business. The two major platforms she will focus on are Facebook and Instagram, as well as how to use each app and how to debunk the algorithm. Lastly, she will take a look into client relations and online reviews.

The Complicated Combination Coat: The Special Grooming Problems of Doodles and Other Cross-Breeds

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

In this one-hour seminar, Jennifer will explain the complicated genetic consequences of crossing shedding and non-shedding coats together (think Bernadoodle!), as well as how to assess the variety of combinations often presented to us in all the designer cross-breeds, and what tools and techniques will best work to manage their high tendency to mat. The seminar will also cover how to work with owners who have little information and often unrealistic expectations to manage these often unpredictable and complicated coats successfully.

Stinky Dogs!

Dr. Cliff Faver

Fighting dog smells and can’t figure out how to get rid of the odor? Have you just accepted certain breeds of dogs or certain dogs just stink? What do you do with a dog that is sprayed by a skunk? Come learn the science behind that smell and approaches to “fixing” the problem versus just trying to cover it up. The pet/human bond is very important, but it is hard to love a pet to its fullest if you can’t get past the smell. Come and learn how to change that dynamic to a positive one and save the relationships.

Scissors Down

Nadia Bongelli

Clippers are amazing tools and can be used to our advantage in a busy, high-volume shop. There are so many tricks to use with your clippers that will give your clients the appearance of a scissored finish without the extra time involved. Do not sacrifice quality when using your most trusty tool and learn to embrace your clippers!

The Art of Hand Scissoring: Advanced Scissoring

Ashley Ann Odom

In this workshop, Ashley Ann will educate groomers on how to choose the right scissors to obtain the best haircut, demonstrate the proper techniques and provide the next steps to perfect hand-scissoring.

Running Your Business to Its Maximum Potential

Joey Villani

We all go through the same things in business when we’re having a hard time figuring out what we should be charging, dealing with difficult clients and figuring out how to move forward. If you are struggling with this, then this is the seminar for you. Figure out what you should be charging, how to streamline your day-to-day operation, and be confident that you are doing everything to its maximum potential.

Bichon Frise Teddy Bear S-Curl

Hyun Sook Cho

Body: Clip it with a Guard on comb.
(determined by body type or length of hair)

Legs: Cut legs with scissors in the shape of cylindrical columns.
(The length of the hair is determined by considering the thickness or proportion of the body.)

Face: Teddy bear deformation S-curl
The width of the ear is narrower than the existing teddy bear, making the S curl stand out.
The size of the crown and the muzzle shall be narrow, but rich and adorable.

Ears: If the length of the ear is long, curl it with a curling iron.
If the length is short, wear a wig to create an atmosphere.