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Thursday Programs

Brusher Bather Certificate Program

Teri DiMarino

Your ability to do your job, and do it right, separates you from being "just a bather" to a position that contributes to the finished product in the salon. Teri believes that a good bath, brush and dry is 50% of a great groom. The bathing room is where most stylists started. Before future groomers begin to think of clipping coat, they must first know what to expect from the hair, and how to treat it to obtain desired results. Surprisingly, many great B/Bs remain in the bathing room, preferring the security of knowing there will always be a need for their expert services. Bathers-in-training, "groomer wannabes", seasoned groomer techs and salon owners will benefit from this day-long program with tips on equipment and products to make the job easier. From getting the dog ready for the tub, to finding the right shampoo through proper bathing and blow-drying techniques, Teri will cover the B/B fundamentals. Safety issues and handling will be stressed.

Tools of the Trade and How to Use Them

From brushes and nail clippers, muzzles to grooming loops, Teri covers equipment basics, highlighting correct uses, in an effort to make the work easier and more comfortable for pet and bather. "These techniques and tools will make the finished groom a true work of art," says Teri. Anals and ears will be also discussed.

Dematting… It’s Not What It Used To Be

Everyone has a technique for dematting a neglected pet. For some, it’s a shave-down and then entering the pelt in a Mat Contest. For others, it’s a time-consuming, hair-splitting experience, destined to take its toll on the pet, the B/B or both. Teri examines the most common and effective products, tools and techniques for the demat dilemma without getting all tangled up.

What’s In Those Bubbles??? Shampoos, Conditioners & Spray

Tocopherol, Ergocalciferol, Sodium Chloride. Teri takes a "groomers-eye" view of the stuff we use every day in language we can understand. Shampoos, sprays and conditioners are our most expendable items but what do we really know to select the right product for our situation? (Those scary words are techno-speak for vitamin E, vitamin D and simple table salt, often found in many grooming products.)

Getting the Most Out of Your Bathing and Drying Time

Bathing and drying are the most underestimated aspects of our jobs. Techniques can make or break a groom. The ability to properly apply products, thoroughly clean and then dry the pet will have a direct influence on the finish. You will hear about time-saving equipment and techniques.

This program is six hours long and is included in the Do-It-All admission or can be purchased separately. See Schedule and Registration for starting times and fees. Program includes Trade show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Grooming Business Essentials Certificate Course

Denise Heroux

Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur or managing a business? Are you a business owner struggling with direction and growth? Becoming fluent on the business end of the pet industry is an undertaking that's often overwhelming. This four-hour course is designed to guide you through starting your business and developing the tools needed to foster consistent long-term growth. Denise will cover how to start your business financially and legally; building your business brand and culture; designing employee handbooks, policies and procedures; and how to implement boundaries and develop communication skills to deliver good customer service and strong leadership.

Hair and Skin 101 Certificate Course

Dr. Cliff Faver

Learn the science, techniques, and product types to successfully put the “why” in what you do. This course is a must for groomers, bathers, and office personnel in the grooming shop and veterinary clinic alike. Come see what some say can’t be done! Real-time cases done by groomers will be shared.

1) Understanding Hair and Skin

Learn the basic anatomy and function of the skin and hair. This is a critical foundation for this class and everything a groomer or bather does. This hour will explain a lot of the science about how nutrition, sebum, and basic anatomy work so you can understand the “why” in what you do.

2) Understanding the Difference in Coat Types and The Protocols to Use

In this class you will learn the needs of the different coat types so you can make better decisions in the product types you pick for maximum results.

3) Understanding Common Things That Go Wrong and That Lead to Skin Issues

Always wonder why these skin conditions occur and reoccur? Does technique play a factor? Could I have caused that issue? When the client or veterinarian accused me of causing the issue, is that true?

4) The Science to Follow in Treating Skin Issues

Learn methods, techniques, and types of products to fix the skin problems when they occur. Learn principles that will lead to success when treating skin issues, how to grow hair back on those shaved-down dogs, and why steroids and antibiotics and the typical therapies for skin don’t always work.

Doodle Days with Super Styling Sessions

Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

Join Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs as they host an all doodle seminar with live demos! Three different doodles will be groomed, all having different coat types and trims. Learn how to properly prep these coats to get a great finish. They will also demonstrate how to choose the correct trim for each individual dog, as they are all built differently. Let them explain how to choose what trims are best for the clients to maintain. This jam-packed seminar will go over tools, products, time-saving tips, scheduling, and so much more!

A Day with Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor

What would you like done with “Fluffy” today? Is this right? Should we, as the professionals, be asking an owner to tell us the haircut they would like OR should we be driving the conversation and recommending a haircut that would suit their dog? Education is key, not only for us as the professional groomer, but also for the likes of Fluffy’s owner. We cannot throw curve balls at owners and expect them to know words and procedures that only us groomers would know. Creating a respectful relationship between customer and groomer does not need to be hard. Join Colin in this informative seminar that will give you the tools you need to form great rapport with your clients. This seminar will involve a live grooming demo some laughter and lots of Q&A!

Safe Handling Difficult Dog Certificate Course

Melissa Jepson

In today's increasingly litigious society, it's more important than ever to understand how to safely handle as many different types of dogs as possible. So what do we do when we feel our safety is compromised? In this comprehensive four-hour class, Melissa will show you in real time how to quickly, compassionately, and efficiently handle the difficult behavioral problems we face every day.

The Encyclopedia of Dogs

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins

We have chosen to make the noble and rewarding task of caring for dogs our life's work. Yet, science has dramatically changed what we know about the dog in recent years. The in-depth information in this engaging and compelling program will be transformative, not only in how we view the dog, but in everything related to how we interact with them. This four-hour class will equip you with information and insight about the dog that is rarely available outside the academic setting. This class will cover fascinating scientific discoveries about the dog in topics that range from A to Z, including Anatomy, Breeds, Coat Types, Domestication Evolution, Functions, Grooming Needs, Handling, etc., all the way to Zoonotics. Important scientific advances in our understanding of the dog will inform your daily interactions with humanity's Best Friend. You will not want to miss this exciting look into the world of dogs!

Thursday Evening

Heads Up! Expressions and Personality

Mackensie Murphy

Our clients love those little faces starring up at them from the food bowls at dinner time, and it’s our job to make them as cute as we can! Watch as Mackensie shows you how to perfect the faces and capture the expression on multiple different breeds. From doodles to Shih Tzus and everything in between, she will teach blending techniques and new ideas to give our favorite pets a face lift!

Tips and Tricks: Using Poodles Structure to Create a Beautiful Profile

Chris Pawlosky

This is a must-see for beginners and experienced groomers wanting to separate themselves from the pack. Chris will walk you thought the procedures which will help you create the ideal image on any dog in record time, and will be using a Poodle for the outlining process! This session will demonstrate scissoring, universal combs, and many other helpful products and techniques. After watching, a new groomer can achieve balance, breed profile, and a great finish on any dog. You will see it all in a live grooming demo!

Proper Blade Maintenance and Clipper Care

Nick Sklar

In this seminar, Nick Sklar of Whitman’s Sharpening will go in depth describing the differences in the variety of blades, attachments, and clippers available, as well as how to take care of them. Discover the ways clippers can make your work easier and how you can take care of your blades so that they take care of you. Understand the nuances of proper blade care and what it does to extend the life of your equipment from attending this seminar. Advance your clipper work from basic to expert with the knowledge you gain from the class.

Mobile Grooming Safety Certificate Course

Mary Oquendo

This is a two-hour-long certificate seminar that is specific to the concerns of mobile and house-call groomers. Divided into five topics, vehicle, work area, pet, and personal safety, as well as covering the “Other Side” of mobile grooming, the goal of this seminar is to familiarize yourself with your vehicle and work areas so that you can make decisions based on the well-being of yourself as well as your clients. The certificate of course completion is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the workbook.