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Saturday Programs

Canine Behavior and Psychology

Michelle Knowles

Discover what is going on in the animal’s mind; why dogs and cats do what they do. Take a peek behind the eyes and journey on to a road map of the brain. When we understand the psychology, we are able to work with animals on a much deeper level. Grooming, training and just understanding pets becomes much easier when you are armed with this solid information.

Easy to Maintain Poodle Trims

Lisa Leady

In this exciting demo Lisa Leady will go over the Poodle in a pet trim. Using snap-on combs and scissors, she will give this poodle a finished look while keeping style with a shorter trim. Easily maintainable styles are better for your pet clients to keep up with and require less maintenance when they bring them back for regularly scheduled appointments.

Grooming Challenging Dogs to Improve Your Services

Emily Myatt


Cracking the Code to Customer Loyalty: Survey Shows How Consumers Choose Their Go-To Groomer

Jeff Dickerson

Naturally, every pet services business wants to be their client’s “go-to” place; however, a lot goes into building and earning customer loyalty. From quality of service and personal relationships to location and convenience, it can be hard for business owners to know how to excel in each of these aspects and to understand which ones consumers prioritize. In this seminar, Jeff will cover what you need to know to “crack the code” to becoming the “go-to” salon in your area.

Mixed Breed Mania

Cat Opson

In this exciting demonstration Cat will go over her techniques she uses to disguise structural flaws on mixed breeds and even explain how to translate the phrase "puppy cut". She will share her tips on how to satisfy your customers by tailoring the groom to suit your clients and their ability to maintain the coat. From short trims to long trims and different faces in between, you won’t want to miss Cat transform this mutt into a beautiful work of art.

Dog Heads by Formula

Christine Speerin

In this seminar, Christine will clearly explain how working by a proven formula will give greater consistency and save groomers valuable time in the salon. The one-hour demonstration will also cover three versions of some of the most popular dog heads in working salons. If you are looking for more consistency in your grooming and time-saving techniques, then don’t miss this demonstration by International judge and mentor Christine Speerin.

Grooming the Difficult Dog

Sue Watson

We all get them. You know the ones no other shop will do—the dog that gets passed from shop to shop. Sue does not pass those dogs to anyone; she grooms them! She will show you handling techniques that will help you groom these dogs, too. These clients will love you forever. Sue will also show you finishing techniques that will make those dogs with difficult coat types and the floppy, lifeless, choppy-looking drop-coated little dogs look better, and they will stay looking good longer.

Conquer Bad Hair Days Forever: The Truth about Coat Damage

Dave Campanella

We struggle with grooming scenarios on a daily basis. Many opinions, techniques, tools and products attempt to tackle these challenges. We will review a video and hair samples taken and analyzed with electron microscopy, observe coat damage, mats, tangles and undercoat from several common coat types up-close as never seen before. This data provides keen insight that leads to guaranteed results! Learn how to safely release more shedding and mats while avoiding the risk of further coat damage and messes, eliminate pre-brushing and reduce stress. Create a much calmer environment by avoiding muscle strain and/or injury to you and your client dogs. Save time and earn more just by understanding coat damage!

Not Just a Groomer: Veterinarian, Trainer, Therapist & More!

Jonathan David

Groomers play a vital role in pet owners’ lives. We're not only the stylist but we're the first line of defense and often we're called upon to answer questions about skin and health issues, training advice and general pet care. Often, a frantic customer needs a little "groomer therapy" and a professional, calm, knowledgeable groomer to help ease their worries. Jonathan will discuss the appropriate advice to give and when it’s time to hand it over to a veterinarian or trainer and how to deal with those "special clients" that need a little more help.

Personality Faces

Sarah Drouin

In this seminar, Sarah will demonstrate how to create a flawless finish on those adorable faces that will last, using different thinners and techniques. She will also explain how to make the thinner work FOR you, not AGAINST you.

Being the Star Employee

Dara Forleo

Why are you becoming a groomer? Is it just a job or your lifelong calling? You are not alone in wanting to work with animals, so understanding how you bring value to your employer will make your relationships at work be the best they can be.

How to Train Great Grooming Table Manners

Barb Hoover

Dogs are not born knowing how to sit, down or walk on lead. They are also not born knowing how to behave properly for grooming. All of it takes a combination of training and trust building. This class will guide you in training puppies and those adult dogs that have little or inadequate grooming training. It will also help you to build a relationship of trust with the dogs on your table, which will in turn bring cooperation.

All About That Prep, No Troubles

Krystal Purcell

This is a back to basics seminar! Krystal Purcell will teach you why the foundation of a great groom starts with great prep work. She will go over proper bathing and drying techniques, explain why cage drying isn’t necessarily the best method, and show you some of her favorite tools that she uses to help get the perfect finish!

Bichon Frise Pet Grooming

Sergio Villasanti

This two-hour seminar is step by step for beginners on trimming a Bichon, and will also include techniques and tips that you can use on other breeds. You will learn what materials are needed, along with tips on bathing, drying and how to do trimming in an easy and quick way.