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Saturday Programs

Burnout: How to Spot This Career Killer

Chris Anthony

Burnout—we’ve all felt it at one point or another, or heard the term thrown around. This is an insidious problem that can slowly creep into any part of our life. One does not simply wake up burnt out, it takes time. Learn what to look out for, in both our grooming and personal life, and some simple tools to take home to combat it and stop it before it starts.

SHED Happens! What Clients Must Know

Dave Campanella

This seminar will provide a detailed look at shedding hair and fur, including the science behind it. Dave will teach you how to debunk common myths, avoid false product claims, and manage customer expectations. Learn how to educate customers about shedding pets and develop an effective plan to stay ahead of this ongoing dilemma through personalized coat maintenance programs.

Maintain Your Mobile

Judi Cantu-Thacker

In this class, Judi goes over how to properly maintain your mobile salon from tires to generators and everything in between, such as proper clipper and dryer maintenance. If you have to reschedule clients and reset routes at the last minute it costs your business time and money, which can all be prevented. There are always those unexpected repairs that are inevitable in our business but staying ahead of the game will keep you from shutting down for days or weeks. Judi will go over the proper maintenance schedule for all your equipment and how to work it into planned time off or vacation.

Techniques for Using Shears and Thinners

Jonathan David

This session will be a demonstration of technical skills using shears. Jonathan will demonstrate his well-known thinning shear "Scissor Over Comb Technique." He will also demonstrate straight and curved shears for scissoring curly coats and how to add contouring to your grooming for added style and flair.

Building the Perfect Schedule

Angela Kumpe

Do you have days where you wonder how you will survive? Days where you are too busy and overwhelmed? Days where you wonder how you will stay open because you are slow? Never know what your schedule will be like next week or next month? Have clients that come every few weeks, then some that come once a year? Angela Kumpe will tell you how to take control of your schedule, as well as how she totally changed her own business and how you can too!

Super Styling the Schnauzer

Jay Scruggs

In this seminar, Jay will demonstrate how to sculpt Schnauzer eyebrows to perfection using a couple of different methods and how to blend the body into the skirt without leaving definition in the coat. Jay will also go over how to clip and blend without leaving clipper marks and how to bring the Schnauzer coat back to a more natural looking length.

Dealing with “The Delusional Client”

Kelsey Ann Sexton

Groomers are faced with multiple inquiries and personalities when offering a service to the public. Is your salon set up for success to handle these “delusional” requests? “Can you fit her in today? Is my dog done yet? Why so expensive? Can I pick up after hours? Don’t poodle my doodle!” We hear these comical and frustrating requests often. In this seminar you will learn how to go from “Customer Servant” to “Customer Service” by structuring your salon to be prepared for whatever delusional demands clients can come up with.

10 Ways to Get More Done as a Small Business Owner

Malissa Conti-Diener

Time, there is never enough of it in a day for any of us. The small business owner wears many hats and has their hands in everything. Time management skills are a requirement for a successful business. Learn ways to utilize your time more wisely and profit from it. These 10 time hacks will help you grow your business, increase your bottom line, relieve some of your stress, and allow you to make more time for yourself.

Determine Your Own Salary (for Business Owners)

Michell Evans

How much should you charge for your grooming services? We all want to know the answer to this question! The answer is in your budget! In this powerpoint workshop, Michell Evans, The Grooming Tutor, will walk you through the process of creating a business budget for your salon. This workshop will help you determine what you need to charge in order to not only meet your goals, but live the life of your dreams!

Dental Disease

Dr. Cliff Faver

Dental disease can be the source of many other, bigger health problems. Come learn about different methods to care for and clean pets’ teeth, as well as some of the myths around the marketing of some dental products. Dr. Cliff Faver will discuss the difference between cosmetic cleaning as well as a true medical prophy and things to look for when evaluating the teeth. A groomer can play an important role in the overall health of the pet in observing dental issues. Dr. Cliff will also go over some of the legal issues surrounding teeth cleaning in a salon setting.

Unleash Your Potential Through a Healthier Lifestyle

Amanda Fouche

Grooming can be grueling on the body and mind. Join Amanda Fouche, the Fit Groomer, for her best tips in unleashing YOUR potential through a healthier lifestyle—inside and outside of the grooming salon! In this one-hour class, you will receive the encouragement and guidance you need to better yourself and your career. You will learn ALL things healthy grooming!

Poodle Pet Trims with Personality

Anne Francis

Are your Poodles looking plain? Anne will share her tricks to add pop to Poodle trims! With years of competing, she has taken her knowledge and transferred it to her pet clients. Learn how to set lines, scissor, and bring your Poodle trims to the next level!

Asian Fusion

Mindy Dinwiddie

Where to begin? Mindy Dinwiddie will walk through the Asian Fusion cut that made her into the Doodle Modern Styles Special Edition. From the first brush to the last cut! Learn the how to make those cute faces that everyone is going crazy over.

Super Styling the Cocker

Sue Zecco

Are you having a tough time keeping your Cockers mat-free? Do you know where to set your lines? Learn Cocker pet trims that follow correct breed profiles as well as variations that make life easier for you and the owner. Sue will give you tips on quick pet trims for this popular breed and will also review a few carding techniques. You won’t want to miss this fun, informative demonstration.

Looking out for #1! Groomer Health Issues

Teri DiMarino

It’s no secret that pet styling is a physically demanding profession. We like what we’re doing, and most of us hope for long grooming careers. However, there are things that can make grooming uncomfortable at the very least, if not impossible. Back, neck, and shoulder problems abound. Respiratory illnesses are not uncommon. Repetitive motion disorders plague us, and many old-timers are wearing hearing aids. Many of us think we are “Super Groomers” and these physical ailments will never happen to us. Think again! Teri will share simple ergonomic techniques, sanitary procedures, and safety measures that should be in place in all salons to prevent issues that can cut your career short.

How to Build your Brand

Adrian Smith

In this seminar, Adrian Smith, the Color King, will be giving a detailed inside scoop on how he built his brand and following. Adrian owns two salons, has clientele across the country (including celebrity clients) and owns a successful dog modeling business. This seminar is intended for new business owners or groomers thinking about taking the next step in their grooming career. He will explain how to find your niche, build clientele, and build your social media presence. This seminar will touch on hiring the right team, pricing, and following through with business ideas. You will leave this seminar feeling encouraged to pursue your dreams!

Handstripping Basics

Ashley Julien

During this one-hour seminar, Ashley Julien will introduce you to the art of handstripping. She will cover hot topics such as how to incorporate handstripping into your shop and when to start handstripping a puppy. You will learn the difference in tools and how to properly use them. Ashley will discuss how to properly maintain a jacket and why knowing canine anatomy is important to setting patterns. Also, Ashley will go over topics like signs of handstripping gone wrong, when and how to use shears to mimic handstripping, different approaches to blending, and raking and shaping heads and furnishings.

Cut Drying Times

Angela Kumpe

Angela Kumpe will share several timesaving methods for drying times in your salon, mobile or house-call service. On average, bathing and trying times are equal to or more than actual grooming times. By cutting your drying time you can gain time for other services or more grooms per day in your grooming business.

The New Consumer: Pet Owners & The Grooming Industry

Melissa Mitchner

Pet owners are more informed and the grooming industry is exploding. This seminar will explore how to address the new segment of pet owners and explore services and enhancements for your grooming business. Growth is essential and pet owners are the secret to your success!

Solo Handling for Cat Grooming

Lynn Paolillo

Cats can be tricky to work with, and what happens if you groom by yourself, or your assistant calls out at the last minute? Learn about working with a cat's temperament, body style, anatomy, and behaviors in order to choose the appropriate handling techniques and grooming services for each cat, as well as how to execute these techniques by yourself. This lecture includes a live demonstration.

Jay Scruggs on Golden Retrievers

Jay Scruggs

Jay will demonstrate products that will help reduce shedding and remove that "client-irritating" undercoat. He will also examine how to trim the Golden Retriever and get a more natural finish by using thinning shears. “This will satisfy the customers that insist their Golden be shaved," says Jay.

Holistic Grooming; It’s Only Natural

Malissa Conti-Diener

Trending now in the grooming industry; getting back to a more connected way of grooming. Consider the whole animal, body, mind, and spirit. Learn the ways of compassionate handling, understanding natural product selections, building a holistic atmosphere, staying grounded and balanced while dealing with difficult pets, and how to educate your clients on why you are following this philosophy. Take a new look at the compassionate holistic groomer.

Intro to Abstract Design and Coat Carving

Jilly Mucciarone

Are you dye-ing to find unique ways to bring creative art into your salon or in the competition ring? Creative grooming comes in all forms and abstract design/coat carving is a temporary way to elevate your pet grooms. Abstract design allows your creative spirit to flow and, in just a few short weeks, the coat grows back, giving you another blank canvas! Learn how to design a pattern, create symmetry, add depth and dimension, and about products and accessories that will enhance your design!

Rollin’ 25 Years with Adriane’s Groom and Go

Adriane Pope

In this entertaining mobile seminar, lean how to have some fun as a mobile groomer and how to keep the same clients happy for years to come. Also, Adriane will cover some of the pros and cons of scheduling your way around all the different neighborhoods. So, let’s talk mobile!

Talking to Owners About Behavior Problems

Chrissy Neumyer Smith

It can be an awkward situation when you need to confront an owner on their pet’s behavior in the grooming salon. Rather than avoid confrontation all together, Chrissy Neumyer Smith CPG will help you navigate this uncomfortable conversation. Chrissy will give you the right words to say to help owners understand how behavior affects safety. How can having a safety policy in your salon help you discuss bad behavior with your clients? What suggestions can you make to owners to work on at home with their pets? This seminar will give you solid talking points when you inevitably find yourself in this sticky situation again.

A Pet Terrier

Victor Rosado

In the world of terriers, learn the proper way to groom wire-coated breeds for the pet owners. You will see live demo using the right tools for that terrier in mind…don’t miss this seminar!

Solving the Doodle Problem

Corina Stammworthy

Are you drowning in bad doodles and fantasizing about not accepting new doodle clients? In this class, we break down how to solve the doodle problem once and for all. Learn how to find good doodle clients and get them on a regular schedule. In this customer service-based class, we will cover how to talk to doodle owners using keywords and phrases, go over common doodle scenarios, and make you a doodle owner expert.

Put Some Pizzazz in Your Poodle Pet Trims

Shannon Tupes

Tired of the same Poodle pet trim in your salon? Shannon will show you some ways to put some pizzazz in your Poodle pet trims. She will demonstrate some timesaving techniques that will showcase your expertise and are easy for your clients to maintain. A quick and trendy Poodle pet trim can be a great way to advertise your talent.